Be the Captain of your ship!

It is never too early to begin thinking about a career in the Maritime Industries. Whether you are bound to a 4- year university or bound for a certification as a maritime welder, Ballard High School Maritime Academy (BMA) in Seattle WA is a great place to get started!

Did you know there are over 250,000 maritime related jobs in the Puget Sound? Many of those jobs are held by people that will be retiring in the next few years. With the King County maritime industry growing by 3.5 % during the recession and payroll growing by 20% this means a future with abundant good paying jobs. The maritime industry is a vital part of WA state’s economy, worth $30 billion. (Click here for the report.)

Did you know that BMA is supported by NOAA, California Maritime Academy, and many businesses in the Pacific NW maritime industry?

Join BMA and get hands-on experiences  that give you real skills to give you an advantage as you prepare for careers on or around the water! From becoming the Captain of a ship to an interior designer to an engineer to a scientist studying the effects of climate change on our oceans – BMA has something for you!

Check out some videos made by BMA students.

Apply to be a part of BMA.


Find out more about BMA’s curriculum and faculty.

Help steer the course for current and future BMA students – Join the BMA Steering Committee. Meetings usually happen the first Monday of the month in John Foster’s room from 16:00-17:30

Next meetings May 2nd, June 6th – email for more information.

Auction: Join us at our fund-raising dinner on June 3rd, 2016.

10 Responses to Home

  1. Trinity says:

    I’m interested in the program and when classes begin

  2. James Meyers says:

    I was wondering if your school teaches sailing classes for larger multi mast ships?

  3. Is this program available to students living outside of the Seattle school district boundaries?

  4. Cinde Donoghue says:

    What are the restrictions on residency for admissions?

  5. The program says you are entitled to a paid Internship in your Junior year, but we asked and asked and asked, my son in the program and myself, and were met with silence and excuses, and an application to a NON-paid internship which only had funds for 3 people. VERY disappointed. The whole reason my son went to this academy was to be able to seek work, get an internship. Some kids aren’t going to college, and need that. Thanks for the years spent waiting for that moment of massive disappointment for a kid.

    • Hi Teresa,
      The Ballard HS Maritime Academy offers experiences for students interested in a career in the maritime industry that no other HS program in the Seattle area provides. My apologies you were misinformed about paid-internships. Not all of our industry partners can offer paid internships, but many can offer un-paid internship experiences. Sounds like your son was offered one of these. These are experiences that the maritime industry provides just for BMA students, these are not open to all students. Your son will have an experience that will help him obtain a job in the future and/or for pursuing further maritime education.
      Please check out our scholarship page: https://ballardmaritimeacademy.wordpress.com/scholarship-opportunities/

      I wish your son luck in his future maritime endeavours.
      Best Regards,
      ~Rebecca F Reuter, former chair of BMA Steering Committee

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