About Ballard Maritime Academy

The Ballard Maritime Academy, one of five career academies at Ballard High School, was established in 1999 with the intent to foster the long and storied maritime tradition of Ballard. The Academy is supported by the Youth Maritime Training Association (YMTA), Alliance for Education, Ballard High School Foundation, local maritime industries, marine-related educational institutions, and the Seattle Public Schools Career and Technical Education Department.

The BMA is a small learning community within Ballard High School where students focus on a maritime career theme within the context of their overall education. Students are introduced to the career opportunities in maritime related endeavors, including oceanography, recreational boating, commercial fishing, shipyards & vessel construction, boat design, maritime law, cruise ships, and the merchant marine or service academies.

The Ballard Maritime Academy provides a real-world relevance to education, meeting the Washington State and Seattle Public Schools academic standards, while preparing our students for college and careers.


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