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Ballard Maritime Academy

Student application for school year  ______________

Please Return Completed Applications to Mr. Foster or Mr. Gundle

Name ____________________ Parent/Guardian’s Name____________________

Address ________________________________________________________

Phone _____________________________ Email _______________________

Why are you interested in learning about the marine environment?

What was the toughest challenge in your life, and what did you learn from it?

What talents/interest/abilities will you bring to the program?

Why should we choose you for this program? This is your chance to tell us why you are the perfect candidate for this program in your own words:

It is important that your parents become involved in this program by supporting you, participating in family group functions as a part of the maritime program, communicating regularly with the teachers, visiting the classroom, and any other ways we and they feel are both feasible and appropriate. Please discuss this point with them and make sure you are all in agreement; this will help avoid embarrassing situations in the future and provide a greater level of success for both you and the program.

Parent/Guardian Signature(s)


Our informational meeting for prospective students and parents is usually the first week in February at Ballard High School. We hope you can join us to learn more about the program and meet the teachers, students, parents, and supporters. You will receive an invitation by mail before the event, or contact me at

John Foster            Ballard Maritime Academy