Classes at BMA are taught by a team of top-notch educators who plan and coordinate the curriculum. Students enroll in college-preparatory, marine science, technical education and liberal arts courses, with lecture, laboratory experiences, and field trips incorporated into each course.

Each cohort of students complete an adventure expedition every year, which may include sailings on ships like the Zodiac or Adventuress, kayaking, or an educational trip abroad to schools or different ecosystems.  Internship opportunities between their junior and senior years allow students to see firsthand what a career in their chosen field is like.

Sophomore Year:

  • Maritime Survey
  • Language Arts 10 (Maritime)
  • Introduction to Maritime History
  • Biology (Maritime)

Junior Year:

  • Chemistry/Physics/Zoology
  • American Maritime History
  • Maritime Skills / Marine Carpentry
  • Internship between Junior and Senior year is encouraged.

Senior Year:

  • Oceanography 101 (College-in-the-High-School Course)
  • U.S. Coast Guard Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel (OUPV) Course      (Leading to a USCG Deck License)

These are academy-specific courses. All students are encouraged to take a foreign language, upper-level math, and electives outside the curriculum.