Steering Committee By-Laws

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Bylaws of
Ballard Maritime Academy

Ballard High School

Seattle Public School District


The name of this organization shall be the Ballard Maritime Academy Steering Committee for the Ballard Maritime Academy within Ballard High School, Seattle Public School District.


The purpose of this Steering Committee shall be to involve individuals from the maritime and marine science communities and BMA parents in the academic and practical education of students enrolled in Ballard Maritime Academy and to advise and support its teachers in achieving a unique learning environment in the maritime professions and trades and marine sciences through fundraising and by providing “real world” opportunities for the students.


The Committee shall consist of about 20 voting members representing a balanced and broad range of professions and trades from the maritime industries, government agencies, and academic institutions. At least one member should be a representative from a parent organization of BMA students. A balanced composition, for example, would be 3 academicians, 3 representatives of government agencies, and 12 leaders in the private maritime industries. Any member or teacher can nominate a person for membership to the Committee. Approval is subject to simple majority vote of the Committee members present at any regularly scheduled meeting. Terms of appointment are indefinite as long as the member remains interested and active. If any member misses 3 consecutive scheduled meetings without prior notification, a letter (or email) will be sent to the member from the Committee to inquire about their continuation of their appointment. Each member is expected to become knowledgeable about BMA, serve on one subcommittee, actively seek opportunities within their industries, companies, institutions or organizations for job shadows, mentorships and internships for BMA students, and participate in fundraising for the BMA. The Steering Committee will also have non-voting members who make up the Advisory Committee. Advisory members are individuals who are assigned by their agencies to work with the BMA including but not limited to Seattle Public Schools, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Department of School-to-Work, Alliance for Education, Career Academy Support Network, U.S. Maritime Administration, and U.S Coast Guard.
The Committee will encourage volunteers from any of the maritime professions and trades, government agencies, marine sciences, parents of BMA students, or anyone involved in maritime training of BMA students to assist in any activity of the Committee or BMA. This informal group of volunteers will be referred to as the “Friends of the Ballard Maritime Academy.” Anyone willing to provide job shadow, mentorship, or internship opportunities for BMA students or to give guest lectures in the classroom or offer field trip opportunities will be included in the group of Friends. Friends are welcome to attend the monthly meetings of the Committee as guests. The Committee will maintain a list of the Friends volunteers.


The Steering Committee will have 2 elected officers composed of chair, and vice chair and 2 appointed officers, secretary and treasurer. The 2 elected officers will serve for two terms starting as vice chair in their first year, advancing to chair in their second year. The 4 officers, the past chair, and chairs of any standing Subcommittees will serve as the Executive Committee of the Steering Committee. The Executive Committee will meet to conduct urgent Committee responsibilities between normally scheduled meetings. In addition, the Executive Committee shall develop a slate of candidates for the annual election of officers at the June meeting.
A. CHAIR: The Chairperson will assume responsibilities of chair in June at the end of their first year as vice chair and will chair his/her first meeting at the start of the new school year. The Chair serves as the presiding official of the Steering Committee, sets the agenda for meetings, appoints subcommittees, oversees all Committee business, and represents the Committee at any function where Steering Committee representatives are invited. Chair shall transmit a written report of the prior meeting along with the agenda for the upcoming meeting to the membership and interested parties in advance of any upcoming meeting. Chair will be responsible for calling the Executive Committee together to deal with urgent issues.
B. VICE CHAIR: The Vice Chairperson will assume responsibilities of vice chair at the June meeting after the election of officers. The Vice Chair shall preside at Committee meeting in the absence of the Chairperson, and in the event the chair is vacated he/she shall fulfill the duties of the Chair. If the vice chair is vacated, the Committee will hold a special election to select a new chair.
C. SECRETARY: The Secretary shall keep records of the meetings of the Steering Committee and prepare written record of the meeting for the chair to forwarded to the membership and interested parties. The Secretary shall maintain a roster of all active members including address, phone numbers and e-mail address.

D. TREASURER: The Treasurer shall track and report funds available to the BMA. He/She will be knowledgeable of all funds and oversight of BMA expenditures. He/She will work with the faculty of the BMA to develop an annual spending plan. He/she will work with the Administrative Office of Ballard High School, School-To-Work, and Alliance for Education to track fund expenditures. The periodic Treasurer’s report should include “ a sources and uses” picture and identify uncommitted balances and projected shortfalls based on the annual budget plan. The Treasurer will be appointed by the Chair and will serve as Chair of the Finance Subcommittee.


A. STANDING SUBCOMMITTEES: The Chair may appoint standing subcommittees as necessary and select the subcommittee chair although the subcommittee members are free to select their own chair if they so choose. Each Subcommittee is responsible for developing an annual work plan for the upcoming school year. Members from the Advisory Committee may serve on the subcommittees. The Subcommittees are free to recruit or seek the assistance of volunteer members that have the interest and/or expertise in their work. Their names will be added to the list of the Friends of the Ballard Maritime Academy. The Subcommittees may include but not limited to:
1.    COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP: Industry and agency members of the Steering Committee are eligible to be members of this Subcommittee. It is responsible for creating opportunities within the maritime businesses and government agencies for job shadows, mentorships, and internships for BMA students to “learn by doing”, and community outreach including assisting teachers in arranging field trips opportunities and identifying guest speakers when needed. When possible, members will assist in the fund raising efforts for the Academy and should be ready to serve as advocates for the BMA program.
2.    CURRICULUM ADVISORY: Members will, upon request, assist teachers to enrich classroom curriculum and teaching plans, assist the development of certification standards to meet industry requirements for entry-level jobs, and create case studies based on real-world industry experiences. The Subcommittee will meet at least one time per year.
3.    FINANCE: This Subcommittee is composed of the Treasurer, who is the chair, BMA teacher, and 1 or 2 other members to develop annual spending plans, track expenditures from each funding sources, and report on the status of current budgets at each regularly scheduled Steering Committee meeting. The Treasurer will work closely with the BMA teacher, Ballard High School administration, SPS Department of School-to-Work, the Alliance for Education, and the Youth Maritime Training Association.
4.    FUNDRAISING: This Subcommittee will seek funding in support of the educational program of the BMA through private donations from the maritime industries and associations, and grants from public institutions and private foundations. The subcommittee will collaborate with YMTA when appropriate in raising donations, and advise and assist the SPS School-to-Work Program and the Alliance for Education when seeking grants. The subcommittee will work with the parents of BMA students for any fundraising events.
5.    PUBLIC RELATIONS AND RECRUITMENT: This Subcommittee will help BHS and BMA to develop and update materials to advocate and promote the BMA to maritime and marine science communities and to attract and retain quality students in the BMA. These
promotional materials could include recruitment brochures, videos, newsletters, press releases and a website for the BMA. The subcommittee will work with the BMA teachers and students and counselors from the middle schools and Ballard High School. Efforts to recruit new students should begin during the winter months at “open house” evenings or other events for the middle school students and parents planning to attend Ballard High School.
6. STUDENT RECOGNITION AND ASSESSMENT. This Sub-Committee shall assist BMA and BHS in tracking post-graduation school- and work-related activities of BMA graduates to include periodic follow-up (in writing, by telephone and/or personal interview) with the BMA graduates. This Sub-Committee shall also assist with the creation of a “Certificate of Completion” or similar document recognizing each graduating student’s effort in completing the BMA curriculum.
B. AD HOC SUBCOMMITTEES: The Chair may appoint ad hoc subcommittees to accomplish specific Committee tasks outside the standing committee’s purview.


The Steering Committee shall generally meet the first Monday of each month during the normal school term from 4:00 to 5:30 pm. A quorum shall consist of the membership in attendance at any normally schedule meeting. Approval of Committee actions shall be by a simple majority of those present. Record of the meeting shall be kept for each regular meeting of the Committee.


These bylaws may be amended at any duly constituted meeting of the Steering Committee by a two-third vote of the members present.
These bylaws were approved at the November 4, 2002 meeting of the Steering Committee.
These bylaws were amended to include the “Friends of the Ballard Maritime Academy” on March 3, 2003 at the monthly meeting of the Steering Committee.
These bylaws were amended to include the addition of the Standing Sub-Committee on Student Recognition and Assessment on June 7, 2004, at the monthly meeting of the Steering Committee.

BMA SC Bylaws