BMA Alumni Statistics

Coming soon – photos and bios of BMA Alumnigraduation_cap_and_diploma

In the meantime here are some statistics:

  •  5-6 students are currently making an income of about $100,000
  • 2 recent graduates that have bought their first house in Seattle
  • 8 that have graduated California Maritime Academy and are working as mates and engineers on oil tankers and tugboats off Brazil, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Northwest and Alaska.
  • Many have graduated from Seattle Maritime Academy, Tongue Pt (Job Corps) Seamanship program, Compass Courses Maritime Training, and Pacific Maritime Institute who are working for the local tug boat companies in Puget Sound.  These Tug companies include Foss Maritime, Crowley, Dunlap Towing, Island Tug and Barge, Cascade Tug and Barge (Harley Marine Services) and Western Towboat.
  • Many work for fishing companies and on fishing vessels.
  • One BMA alumna went to the US Naval Academy
  • One  BMA alumna is currently at the US Merchant Marine Academy
  • 2 or 3 2014 BMA graduates will attend State Maritime Academies
  • In addition we have a number of graduates currently at 4 yr. universities who are majoring in the ocean sciences.
  • We have one graduate who was interested in fashion design that is now an Industrial Design Engineer thanks to her experiences at BMA.
  • We also have a BMA graduate at a 4 year university studying to be an air traffic controller, he was encouraged by BMA to pursue this career

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